Why Couples Need To Take A Vacation Together

Think back to when you first started dating, it was Hot and Spicy all the time. You couldn't keep your hands off each other, the sparks were flying. You only had eyes for one another and no one else, you waited in anticipation for the phone calls so you could spend endless hours tying of the phone. Some of you might be high school or college sweethearts. Years have passed and you’re married now with kids, working 60-80 hrs a week, stressed out.

Have you put your love life on the back burner taking care of home, your family, caring for aging parents maybe? 

We all know life happens and it gets hectic. Guess what  your kids will grow up and move out the house starting their own lives just like we all did. It will be just the two of you like before. 

You need  time away to destress and rekindle the fire isn’t out you get it roaring all over again. Start out with baby steps and implement the date nights back into your life simple as going out to dinner once a week, go see a movie, or head out for a drink and listen to some good music. 

Let me paint the picture for you think about arriving at your designated location getting drinks upon arrival at the resort. Get whisked away to your oceanfront suite, you can sit out on your balcony sipping a glass of wine as the sunsets and wake up together watching the sunrise over a cup of coffee. How a couples massage at the spa, then enjoying a nice romantic dinner on the beach. You like the sound of that don’t you. You make your way back to your room and your butler has turned down the room for you with rose petals and champagne waiting.

Baby you’re thinking now with the wheels turning that you want the brown sugar moment again and kickstart that fire again. I see you fire starter. Listen up we’re always hosting group trips and we have our  Couples St Lucia trip next year for Labor Day Weekend. Head over to our website www.jektravelsllc.com and click on the events tab. It will pull up all of our trips for you to view. Who knows that fire might be blazing once you leave St Lucia. 

Now it the time to reclaim back what you thought you lost but didn't to keep your relationship thriving. Studies show that people who vacation more are less tense, less depressed and less overworked, which naturally leads to better relationships with friends, family and their partner.

Studies also show that couples who take breaks throughout the year to vacation and re-connect have a higher marriage satisfaction. So what are you waiting for the fire is lit, lets keep it burning? 

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