What are you thankful for?

Merry Christmas to everyone we hope you're enjoying your day with your family and friends.

I want to ask What are you thankful for? We all know during the holidays some are not able to be with family and sometimes that's lonely for our elderly parents, siblings or friends.

This is the time to spend quality time with members of your family and cherish the time spent together as we all know when our kids leave our nest and start their lives sometimes we're not able to see them as much. 

Our parents miss the phone calls and the pop up visits and its especially hard for the holidays and especially now with Covid. If you haven't spoken to your parents, or family members or friends pick up the phone and call them. 

Life is too short and you don't want to end the year without calling or seeing your loved ones. You don't know how much joy it will be when the receiver of the phone call picks up and hears your voice.

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