Christmas In Mexico

Christmas in Mexico with family, sounds nice huh. It doesn’t have to be a thought in your head. It can become a reality. I just spent 5 wonderful days in Playa de Carmen, Mexico at the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort All-Inclusive with my family. It was a surprise getaway one of the kids Christmas presents. 

We departed from different locations Charlotte, NC and Baltimore, MD arriving around the same time in Cancun. Going through immigration was a breeze as we had already completed our immigration online and printed it off to show. We didn’t have to fill out the paperwork on the plane as it was already completed.

Once we finished with immigration we sailed through baggage claim to pick up our bags and headed outside for our amazing Lomas representatives . Now we arrived in different Terminals but the process was the same. We had private transfers waiting for us, they picked everyone up first at terminal 3 then came around to terminal 1 to pick up the rest of the party.

It was party once we had everyone onward to the resort, no stops in between for private transfers. You will see the time share sharks inside the terminal calling you to come over saying we can help or something of the sorts. I always tell my clients to ignore them you will waste your precious vacation hours and you want to get to your resort and head to the beach or lay by the pool.

Lomas always wait down at the end with a sign with your name and JEK Travels Logo. You will be walked to your private vehicle to check-in and do the usually protocol of wiping down your luggage and giving you one of many pumps of hand sanitizer. Safety is a top priority for the clients as well as the staff.

Upon arriving to Sandos Playacar the concierge took our luggage and we sanitized our shoes and hands and went into the main lobby for check-in. The check-in process is a breeze, all passports are collected and scanned. The main person in the group for each room will fill out a health form with the basic questions easy peasy. 

If you arrive early and your room isn’t quite ready the concierge has your bags you will get your bracelet on and you can go grab a bite to eat and start enjoying the resorts awesome amenities. The rooms are ready by 3pm sometimes earlier, but hey you’re in paradise already and vacation has begun.

The resort has amenities for everyone to enjoy of all ages. The teen center with their own pool table and wall to wall TV’s to play video games of their liking. Various restaurants to select from for those that are foodies, coffee lovers they cupcake cafe serves your coffee and offer a selection of bakery goods.

The beach is lovely the stretch of white sand and the blue ocean calling you to jump in. If the ocean isn’t your thing hang out in the adults only section pool area and soak up the rays. For families you have your very on family section with the infinity pool and the kids water park is right beside it so the kids can play while mom and dad are in the family pool at the swim up bar.

If you love doing water activities the resort has various free water activities that are included for your all-inclusive resort stay. Before spending a lot of money on excursions always check-out the free amenities being offered by the resort. 

If you’re looking to book your next family trip, quick getaway for the holidays check out our services to book your next getaway. Plus one of the benefits if you plan a year out you can do the flexible budget payment plan. Once your selected date rolls around all you have to do is pack your bags and catch your flight.

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